如果你是一名美国历史教师,正在为高中或中学的课堂寻找PDF格式的工作表, 我有很多东西要分享, 包括 这个超过30页的数据包 of free engaging assignments you can download and start using right away. 

Our worksheets are perfect for helping students with reading comprehension, preparing for the Regents review or state assessment, pairing with a video like the Crash Course US History series, and with all your lesson plans throughout the school year. 

虽然他们有时会被轻视, 工作表是一个很好的工具,可以帮助学生分析一手资料或通过二手资料更好地理解历史事件.  

Each US History unit also include thorough 9-page worksheets packets for 课程的每一个单元. 这些工作表包将单元所需的一切压缩到一个包中, include answers for you in the teacher guide, 并且可以用谷歌Doc进行编辑...


ONE体育 Subscription Preview


Are you curious about what's included with a Student of History 订阅?


Here's a sneak peek of what your 订阅 will look like after you login. 首先,你会被带到你的仪表盘,在那里你会看到你的课程. It could be Civics, World, or US History.  

After clicking on your curriculum, you’ll see all the units that are included. You get immediate access to all of them immediately after signing up. 所以,无论你的课程从哪里开始,你都可以马上开始. 

从那里,只要点击任何你想开始的单位,你会看到它被分解的一天. Most units are between 7-10 days long. That is based on longer block-scheduled classes. So, if you teach daily 45-minute classes, you might need to break up each day’s lesson over two periods.

The lessons are designed to be easy to understand quickly, so you don’t need to slog through a bunch of pages...


Refreshed Digital Notebook Activities for Social Studies


With the move to Hybrid and Distance Learning last year, digital learning activities became more important than ever.

Thankfully, I had been using digital notebooks in my classes for a few years. It started with occasional trips to the computer lab. 我把我创建的数字页面设计得像传统笔记本一样——垂直排列,并采用ONE体育已经在做的“剪切-粘贴”活动的风格.

These worked great and students enjoyed them. 随着全数字化的发展, 然而, a few things started to pop up that inspired me to redesign the notebooks. This redesign turned into a complete overhaul of 我所有的数码笔记本 今年夏天集.

You can preview and download any of them through the links below, but here are the major updates and changes:

1. 新的水平格式 - Laptops and Chromebooks obviously have horizontal screens. 而谷歌幻灯片上的变焦功能对老式笔记本很有帮助, I wanted students to easily be able to...


Make Your Test Review Fun With Review Clue

对学生来说,用游戏复习总是比复习包或作业表更有趣. 游戏让孩子们兴奋起来,并基于他们的竞争本能,让复习材料更有吸引力和影响力.

像《ONE体育》、《ONE体育》和《ONE体育》等传统的课堂评论游戏都非常棒. Kids know how to play, love them, and they're easy to implement. My 课程 has these review games already made for each unit. 

然而,经常改变一些东西,让孩子们保持兴奋和参与是件好事. That's why every so often, we'll play my favorite review game - Review Clue! 

Clue has always been one of my all-time favorite movies ("Two corpses. 一切都很好."). Sadly no students have seen it, so my wealth of quotes is lost on them. BUT it's super easy to play in any subject! 


No matter what your subject or unit is, you...


Comparing Pandemics Lesson Plans: COVID, Plague, and the Spanish Flu

If you're teaching social studies through the COVID-19 pandemic, 你可能会试图将这一历史时刻与课程中提到的过去的事件联系起来. 

Since I have both World History and US History, 我想要单独的课程,让学生从他们所经历的事情中看到与历史的联系.

To do this, I developed these two lessons. 第一个是美国历史,让孩子们分析1918年“西班牙流感”大流行的主要来源. 第二门是世界史课,让学生分析鼠疫的一个主要来源.

US History - The Spanish Flu of 1918 and Coronavirus

The 1918 Spanish Flu was one of the deadliest pandemics of all time. It affected nearly 1/3 of the entire world and killed millions. 

它不是在西班牙开发的, 但因为第一次世界大战,其他国家对疾病传播的新闻进行了审查,因此获得了这个名字. 西班牙在战争中是中立的,也是少数几个准确报道了战争情况的国家之一...


Distance Learning and Virtual Teaching Tips

由于covid-19病例的增加,你可能已经开始了完全虚拟的学年,或者刚刚切换到远程学习. 无论哪种方式, 在这个前所未有的教育时期,许多教师都在寻找通过在线学习来吸引学生的方法. 

最近,我在变焦上会见了一群不同类型的高中和初中社会研究教师, 当然)来讨论什么是有效的,什么是不像虚拟学习那样远的. 

Included here is a list of our best advice to those of you who are 教学几乎. 显然,学习平台和形式多种多样(同步或异步). 然而,无论你的学校是如何运作的,这些建议都应该是有用的. 


No matter how simple or obvious you think a topic or assignment might be, explain it as simply as you can and then explain it again. 



Google Classroom Resources for World History

在2019冠状病毒病的灾难迫使世界各地的学校轻率地采用远程教育之前, digital resources were already gaining use in classrooms. 这也是有原因的. 当技术被有效利用时,它将成为教授one体育平台的一个神奇工具.

If your Distance Learning experience was stressful or just mildly exhausting, 在传统的学校环境中,谷歌Classroom仍然可以(也应该)使用许多特殊的数字活动, 通过远程学习, 或者采用混合学习模式. 

我从来没有办过无纸化的教室,我也不认为我会完全无纸化. 有太多的作业更适合手工打印pdf文件. 我认为远程教育通过技术让ONE体育知道了教学的局限性.  

然而, 我确实合并了谷歌文档, 幻灯片, 以及全年one体育平台课程每个单元的数字互动活动. 有这么多...


Announcing the 2020 ONE体育 Scholarship Winners


选择一个 奖学金获得者 每年都很艰难.  今年更是如此. Each essay served as a tangible reminder of another student who, after working hard through years of schooling, 会想念毕业, 毕业舞会, 高级奖, 等.

 One scholarship for a single student just didn't seem like enough.  

所以,今年我很自豪地宣布 七个毕业生 与奖学金颁奖典礼.  这些学生每个人都写了一篇关于他们在社会研究课程中学到的最重要的一课的精彩反思,也得到了一位老师的热烈推荐. 

感谢所有提名学生的老师和所有申请的人. I wish I could have awarded more of you. I wish all of you the best of luck and good health in the coming year. 

So, without further ado, here are the ...

2020 ONE体育 Scholarship Recipients 


丹尼尔·康明斯,小. - 1,000美元奖学金获得者



Google Classroom Resources for US History

当2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19)爆发时,全球各地的学校被迫转向远程教育,数字化已经是教育领域的最大趋势之一. 突然, all teachers were thrust into digital resources, 谷歌文档, 变焦, and all the headaches that came with them.

不管你的远程教育经历是残酷的还是只是一个小小的挣扎, 现在和将来,你可以在谷歌课堂上使用很多优秀的资源. 

I never ran a paperless classroom and don’t think I'd ever go fully paperless. There’s too many activities that lend themselves better to doing by hand. Distance Learning taught the limits of teaching through technology.  

然而, 我整合了很多谷歌文档, 幻灯片, and digital interactive assignments into every unit of US History. When technology is used effectively, it’s an amazing resource. There are many digital learning tools available that enhance student learning. 




如果你是一名one体育平台教师,正在为高中或中学的课堂寻找有吸引力的作业和作业表, 我有很多东西要分享, 包括 这个超过30页的数据包 自由分配. 

然而他们有时也会被诽谤, worksheets can be great for helping students analyze primary sources, understand an event through a secondary source, or assess their skill in an area of social studies.  


They're also easy to differentiate across grades, 能力水平, and for special education students with accommodations. ONE体育订阅的课程计划可以帮助您为您的学生区分和选择最佳的作业和活动. 

This could mean kids working together in pairs, 合作学习小组, or mixed-ability pairings to help give you more time to provide support to...

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