还不确定要不要报名,或者只是有一个问题? The questions and answers below should help answer any that you have!

谢谢你都看了! 这完全取决于你的个人喜好. 在我的 教师薪酬页面, I have unit bundles and curriculum available for immediate digital download. 购买后, 你会下载每个ppt的压缩文件夹, 交互式的笔记本, 工作表, 资源, 等. 每个单元的课程都有PDF文件. The benefits to this is that you get everything downloaded at once, 所有组织到单位文件夹, 可以保存在电脑或USB上. 你也可以下载任何 & 所有的更新对他们在未来. 

在这个网站上, you get access to all these same 资源s plus the lesson plans online with links to videos and Google Docs, 等. These are more often updated, whereas TpT updates only happen once or twice a year. 每个资源都可以根据需要单独下载. As long as you maintain your membership, you get access to everything! 你应该取消, 你只保存你下载的文件, 但将失去登录访问的教训和链接. 希望这有意义:) 

After entering your info, you will receive a log-in and password for the site.  你’ll then gain access to the Dashboard where you can start going through all your new 资源s! 您将立即获得访问权限 每一个单元 在课程.

是的! 我绝对可以接受学校的POs.  If you are interested in getting a quote for a school PO, please email me ((电子邮件保护)) with 1) which curriculum you are interested in 2) how long you like the subscription for (please note that there is a 6-month subscription minimum for POs), 3)有多少教师需要账户. I'll get back to you quickly with a Quote that you can use to get a PO approved. I can provide a W9 form as well if you need that for us to become an approved vendor. 

是的! 在你选了一门课程之后, go to the Course page for it and at the top of the page you will see a link and big red button for "Discounted Add-On Subscriptions". 你增加的每门额外课程每月只需20美元! 你也可以每年节省20%的购买以及. 

不幸的是, due to the digital nature of these 资源s there are no refunds. 请查阅我的 在脸谱网上的评论,看看我所有的 课程资源, go through the feedback, and look at previews of various files. I have over 30,000 perfect ratings for social studies 资源s! 

这些完整的课程包括 所有 of my favorite activities across engaging, in-depth units. I am positive that you'll find many 资源s that will benefit your classes. 

如果您选择订阅, your credit card will be charged the monthly rate when you sign up and then on that same date each month while you have the curriculum package. ONE体育也 现在提供贝宝 支付也! That monthly charge gets you the full access to all these great lesson plans as long as you’re a member!  

If you select the 1-time charge, you will be charged that full amount after hitting submit. 你 可以使用贝宝 ,这也! These give you access for 365 days and are not auto-renewed. 365天后,您的帐户将关闭. 

新的信用卡? 没有问题! 更改您的支付方式, click on the head logo/avatar on the top right of the screen when you are logged in. 然后 点击设置. Next click on "Billing Info" on the top right of the screen. 您可以在这里更改您的信用卡信息.

是的,当然. 我不愿看到你走, but I understand that you might be assigned a new prep or just decide that you don’t need these 资源s anymore.

To cancel, click on the head logo/avatar on the top right of the screen when you are logged in. 点击设置 然后是计费信息. 在那里,您将看到您当前的订阅. 它旁边是一个红色的取消按钮. Click there and you can automatically close out your subscription at any time. 

如果你使用 贝宝 for your subscription, you will need to cancel through your 贝宝 account. 贝宝有一个 如何做到这一点的帮助页面在这里

不幸的是, 不,我不能把你从one体育平台课调过来, 例如, 《ONE体育》杂志的封面.

如果你改变了话题, 然而, it is easy to cancel out your current subscription and add the new one. 只要进入你的 帐户设置 取消你现在的课程. 然后去购买页面 选择新课程 你想要添加. 就像你第一次加入课程时一样简单! 

这些资源最适合7-10年级的学生. Of course, students vary quite a bit across the nation and within schools. 我建议你 下载免费资源 看看这些对你的学生有什么帮助. They are a great representation of each curriculum as a whole. 

It's also easy to modify the 资源s with the included Google Docs and variety of options for each lesson. This makes it easy to make things a little more advanced or simple depending on the group you are teaching. 

These daily lessons are structured on a block schedule that meets every other day. 一个7天的单位实际上包含了14天的学习时间. 然而, these can be easily modified to spread each lesson plan over 2 days if you teach in a school that has class every day for 45 minutes (or a similar schedule). 

你 can download FREE pacing guides that show every lesson in each curriculum here: 


都是的! 我最初是根据 弗吉尼亚学习标准. These are rich, highly developed standards for each course. 在我开始分享我的TpT材料之后, I researched and aligned the curriculum to other state standards like the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), 加州的历史 & 社会科学内容标准等. 

In addition, all of the lessons are developed based on research-based instructional strategies. 尤其是普贾·阿加瓦尔和帕特里斯·贝恩的书, 强大的教学:释放学习的科学. This is a fantastic book by a cognitive scientist and a veteran classroom teacher filled with evidence-based classroom recommendations that can be implemented without additional prep time or grading.

I’m happy to help with any 资源 included 在课程! 请别犹豫,联系我 推特脸谱网, or Instagram. I definitely understand that some 资源s might pose questions or there could be a change you’d like to see. 

Once you join Students History, there is also a Community page within the site. This is a great place to ask questions and connect with other teachers using the same materials and.

也可以通过电子邮件联系我 (电子邮件保护). I want to make sure all my 资源s are the best they can be, so please don't hesitate to reach out!


Curious to learn more about what's included with Students of History? Check out this testimonial from Cliff from the "That Was History" video series.


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