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Hi! 我是卢克·罗莎,我想感谢你们来参观历史系的学生! 我创建这个网站是为了更容易地分享我在课堂上成功使用的一些社会研究资源.

I started out teaching at a high school in Tampa, 他真的拿到了几本教科书并祝好运. 我挣扎着. 我意识到我的学生对我在高中经历的“传统”教学方法没有反应. So, I tried new things. I experimented with lessons that were more interactive. 我倾听我的学生,创造我知道会激发他们兴趣的资源.

About 15 years later, I created Students of History to share my World History, 美国历史上, and Civics resources with teachers around the world. 

这些资源已被世界各地不同教室的数百名教师成功使用. They are student-centered, engaging and thorough. 我期待着与你们联系,帮助你们把历史课堂做到最好!

Students of History Supports

When you join Students of History, 你可以自信地知道,你的一部分捐款将直接回馈给学校或其他帮助他人的慈善机构.


如果您有任何one体育平台如何支持这些组织或您如何参与的问题,请让ONE体育知道! 不要犹豫,通过电子邮件或任何历史学生的社交媒体账户联系你! 

谢谢 for checking us out! 


Students of History has over 50,000 glowing reviews from Teachers 在课程的 plus more here from teachers on Facebook. 以下是一些老师对这些资源的看法: 

“历史系的学生在创造力和积极学习方面都是出类拔萃的. I am so excited to integrate these resources into my plans. All of his material is well-constructed & organized for the year. In addition to saving me a tremendous amount of time, these materials will be like an adrenaline shot to my students' day! Could not be happier!

“我有美国和世界课程包,所以我有所有其他的互动笔记本页面,我认为这是你迄今为止创建的最好的一个!! 爱,爱,爱你们的产品,更重要的是,我的学生也是如此! 坚持下去!"

"THIS IS TRULY INSPIRED!!! 这改变了我的学生们的思维方式以及他们与社区的互动方式, and it changed the way I thought of myself as their teacher. 我的一个学生甚至因为这个任务为当地的无家可归者收容所筹集了500多美元而上了新闻! What a great way to teach citizenship! Not to mention, this package is so complete and detailed, it guides the students through the process of community service. Commendable!

I've taught for 15 years and this notebook is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for the student sample photos. They really helped me see "the end result".

LOVED this bundle! 这是我第一次给8年级的学生教美国历史(实际上我教科学和社会研究), 当你试图想出有意义的课程或活动时,这是一个救生工具. The interactive notebooks created great visuals for my students. I will definitely be looking at purchasing the civil war bundle. 谢谢!

When you know something is right, you always go back to it. 历史系学生的美国历史套装就是这样. Having purchased a couple of these bundles, 我发现许多材料在整理我的教学大纲时非常有用. 如果你想知道是否可以使用这种材料,不要再想了! You will NOT find a better bundle than this one. Thank you very much for all the hard work!

"This was a truly exceptional activity. My students really get into this lesson, ONE体育就审判和被告进行了激烈的辩论和讨论. Thank you for making this valuable and practical resource available! I will use this in the future I am sure."

Historically Irreverent ,

太棒了! 你的ONE体育总是我第一个去寻找社会研究资源的地方. 我的学生们都很兴奋能从20年代和30年代以及二战开始学习这些资源会让他们更加兴奋. 谢谢!

令人难以置信的! Engaging and fun, but also very informative. 我很高兴我的八年级学生可以在这个活动中进行剪切和粘贴...他们很少有机会做这样的事情,但我仍然认为这样做很有趣. 谢谢 for a creative, imaginative lesson!!

"These Google Drive IN's have changed my teaching. 确定, 我买了这个卖家的《one体育平台》的全套印刷版和他所有的USH IN ... but this timesaver is worth the investment. If you're trying Google Classroom this next year, don't question it... just get them. :-)"

精彩的资源充满了这么多迷人的,更高层次的思维活动. Well organized handouts / activity sheets. 不错的工作!

Very organized! 我非常非常犹豫要不要把这么多钱花在单一的资源上. So glad I did! Text selections are good quality. 如果你想让学生独立学习并接受挑战,大多数适合高年级学生. 对于我的八年级学生,ONE体育将一起浏览大部分的文本选择. PowerPoints are very well done. 他们的演讲通常是美联社式的,外加一个“常规的”ppt. 常规版本没有被冲淡,只是简化了一些细节. The ONLY thing I would add is a note taking guide for the PowerPoints. 这是我自己可以做的事情,但是我只是假设它们会出现在bundle中. Overall a fantastic product! If I ever change subjects I won't hesitate to come buy a new bundle!

我第一次教one体育平台的时候压力会小很多. The students will love the lessons. The resources are amazing. 谢谢.


So many of these are going to be just perfect for me. I know exactly what less在y need to follow. Really appreciate the time and energy you put into making these. I've tried to make quite a few on my own and its time consuming. Your work is appreciated and worth the money! 谢谢 a lot. Great product.

This was an outstanding purchase! I needed a fun break and this activity really fit the bill. Super easy to set up and explain, 它让学生积极参与,并受益于多种不同的学习方式. The most important thing is that the kids LOVE it!!

"This was an outstanding purchase! I needed a fun break and this activity really fit the bill. Super easy to set up and explain, 它让学生积极参与,并受益于多种不同的学习方式. The most important thing is that the kids LOVE it!!"

"I absolutely loved this and so did the kids. 我现在有三个学生完全痴迷于亚历山大·汉密尔顿,尤其是他的音乐剧!"

This is arguably the best station activity I've done yet. 学生们喜欢在每个车站做不同的活动,不知道他们接下来要做什么. Very engaging.

I am so happy that I purchased this! 我是一名特殊教育教师,多年来一直与人合作教授美国历史和one体育平台, 但去年2月,我被分配在一个单独的班级里教一小群中学生,我感觉自己只是, "got through". Using this resource, 我已经为第一个季度制定了一个可靠的计划,这将给我的孩子们很多实践经验和, 我可以用一些资源来支持我的学生,他们需要通过美国历史董事考试才能毕业. 谢谢 so much Luke....great work that I am happy to support! I'll be back for the World History bundle in a couple of years!

This is simply AMAZING! While I am not a new teacher, I am teaching 8th grade U.S. History for the first time as well as AVID and ELA. 这为我节省了4382个小时的工作,我的学生会为此感谢你的!! This product is one of the best I've purchased here on TPT!! As a long-time TPT seller myself, 我知道有意义的反馈是多么重要,我希望你的潜在买家知道,这是值得更多的价格标签!!! 谢谢你!!


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